"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous." (Bill Moyers, journalist)
Creation of jewelry, decoration, renovation of furniture, sewing (contemporary and ethnic styles, various materials)
NathStyle.com  was created to share with you my passion which came to me thanks to my son who was 5 years old. With him we tamed polymer clay. After a stop of 10 years, I resumed this practice, having unearthed endless possibilities, in various patterns, impressions and effects.

Then the discovery of epoxy resin fascinated me, as much for its transparency as for its chemical reactions when translucent alcoholic colors mix with others. For example, an impression of an erupting volcano. Other elements happily combine each other, such as glitter, wood, and various other materials, enriching this combination of liquid and hardener which must be handled with care and patience.

Polymer clay and epoxy resin can be worked alone, but they complement each other in a surprising way. This site will walk you through some utensils you need to get started if you feel like exercising your manual skills.

If you appreciate it, order and wear the jewelry shown here without having to make it. A question about furniture restoration ? The contact page is for you !

This website is still under construction. It will be filled little by little over the next few weeks. Thank you, if you want to give me some tips, to make your comments on the contact form below !
Epoxy resin
For those who wish to try their hand at resin, you must already make sure you are well protected, because some resins can be very toxic. Therefore, provide a minimum FFP2 mask and a pair of latex gloves.

Have a scale, plastic cups for the different mixes and wooden or plastic stirrers to whisk the liquid with the hardener. You also need molds that can be found on the internet or plan to make them yourself (silicone).

Epoxy resin can be poured with different objects and materials. And alcohol dyes will pleasantly surprise you. So don't wait any longer and get started !
Polymer clay
There are different categories of polymer clay. And different ways to have fun (alone or with the family and the children).  

To equip yourself at a minimum, you will need a blade (to cut the clay), a roller (to spread it), ideally a device such as a pasta machine, a piece of tile or plexyglas (in order to work on a smooth and non-sticky surface). And, of course, a standard quality oven to bake your work. For those who wish, "cookie" cutters can be easily ordered on the internet.

Polymer clay loaves must be carefully kneaded by hand before composing your work. The colors can easily be mixed with each other. Several additions can be applied to the uncooked or baked paste, such as acrylic paint, pastel powder, gold or silver leaf, etc. A finishing varnish will fix all this after baking (depending on the category of varnish, a second baking will be possible).
Furniture restoration
My training as a seamstress, combined with my skills as a handywoman, and the opportunities helping, I started to restore furniture. Sofa, car seats, dining room chairs, various pieces of furniture, etc. have thus passed through my little hands to be transformed, covered with different materials, and consequently get a whole new life.

It is quite obvious that keeping the original parts will greatly help you, i.e. to serve as pattrens. Of course, it will be necessary to foresee that tools, other utensils, machines and materials will push you to gradually create a real workshop at home. Plan for space (work and storage).
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